Tennis player ejects parents from Wimbledon match

When you are the No.9 ranked tennis player in the world you can do whatever you want… including kicking your parents out of Wimbledon. Marion Bartoli did just that during her match between Flavia Pennetta. Bartoli defended herself saying she grew frustrated after she fell to Pennetta 3-4 in the final set and needed a way to get out her anger.

It must have worked because Bartoli rallied to win and will now face Serena Williams in the fourth round. “I don’t remember exactly what I said but I think it was really clear,” Bartoli said, “I just had to let go my frustrations and express myself in some way. I could have done something else stupid, but whatever.”

Bartoli’s father left his job as a doctor to coach his daughter, so this wasn’t a moment he had been waiting for or anything. Still, Bartoli wanted to avoid any controversy after she received illegal coaching advice in the second round.

“I was so tired and exhausted that really I had to express my emotions somehow. I saw them right after the match, my parents, and they completely understood.”

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Fan in cow costume rushes field and scores at soccer game

A fan who rushed the field in a cow costume and scored the only goal in the Sporting Kansas City- Chicago Fire game… Holy Cow!

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New Jersey blocks former Olympian from running for Senate

Despite winning 9 gold medals for the United States, New Jersey has banned former Olympian Carl Lewis form running for Senate. NJ Secretary of State Kim Guadagno has removed Lewis’ name from the June Democratic primary ballot claiming Lewis does not meet the state’s four-year residency requirement to run for office.

Lewis’ residency has been called into question because the he paid income taxes in California. Sports Illustrated’s “Olympian of the Century” plans to appeal the ruling saying, “I’ve been in competition for a long time so nothing surprises me,” he said. “What’s sad, though, is who’s talking about the people of the 8th District? The kids whose schools are struggling? The seniors who are having trouble paying their taxes?”

Lewis won 10 Olympic medals in track and field during the 1984, 88, 92 and 96 games. Maybe Lewis needs his long-form birth certificate?!?

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92-year old grandma runs marathon

The Guiness Book of World Records has confirmed Gladys Burrill as the oldest person to ever run a marathon. The 92-year old grandma competed in the Honolulu Marathon and finished in just under 10 hours by power walking and jogging. The Hawaii House of Representatives congratulated Burrill with a certificate and a lei.

The record was previously held by a 90-year old man. Burrill is nicknamed the “Gladyator” and rightfully so… this is her fourth marathon since she ran her first race when she was 86.

After finishing the marathon, Burrill said the secret to living a long life is, “Just get out there and walk or run. I like walking because you can stop and smell the roses, but it’s a rarity that I stop.”

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