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Sharapova- NBA player wedding off

Maria Sharapova was rumored to be pregnant after suffering a stomach virus, but the tennis star is neither pregnant nor engaged. Sharapova’s wedding is off to NBA player Sasha Vujacic. The couple who began dating in 2009 planned to wed in Turkey this November.

Vujacic, who played for the Lakers frmo 2004-2011 and last year with the Brooklyn Nets, told close friends he and Sharapova have been broken up for three months.

But Sharapova has plenty of Love in her life. In July, Sharapova won silver at the Olympics and has made it to the finals in three of the last five grand slams.

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Serena Williams a rapper?

People are LOVE-ing Serena Williams the rapper. The tennis star recorded a demo for B Major Music Group, which is owned by Baltiore Raven Bryant McKinnie. The Game praised Williams’ beats saying that she has “raw skills” and is a “really talented artist.” 60 seconds of the track was released by TMZ. In it, Williams raps, “I ball hard, no tennis racquet / I can see these haters through my Gucci glasses.”

Williams, who is from Compton, also dated rapper Common for two years, which adds to her street cred. Although Williams just won the Madrid Open, if she does decided to give up her tennis career The Game has no doubt she will be a successful MC, “You shouldn’t expect her to come with anything less than the official rap bars. I can see her doing big things.”

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Tennis player kicks own dad out of match

Apparently father does not know best, at least not for tennis player Bernard Tomic. The Australian tennis star asked an official for his father to be removed from his match at the Sony Ericsson Open.

Tomic slumped to 0-30 in the fifth game of the second set to David Ferrer. Tomic became distracted by his father and former instructor, asking the umpire to remove him from the match. Tomic said: “He’s annoying me. I know he’s my father, but he’s annoying me. I want him to leave, but how is that possible?”

The umpire issued Tomic’s father a code violation warning for illegal coaching
Despite being over heard asking his father to be kicked out of the match, Tomic denies any rift. Instead, saying he asked the umpire for his racquets to be restrung.

But Tomic and his father’s relationship isn’t all LOVE. In 2009, Tomic was suspended from ITF tournaments for 30-days after disobeying his father and coach’s order to walk off the court during a match because of what he deemed as poor officiating.

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Tennis player flies to the wrong airport before match

Women’s tennis player Bojana Jovanovski almost missed her tennis match after she flew to the wrong airport. After being eliminated in the Citi Open tournament in DC, Jovanovski tried to try her luck at the Mercury Insurance Open in Carlsbad, California. Unfortunately, no one told Javanovski’s pilot there are two Carlsbad airports, and her plane flew to the Carlsbad airport in New Mexico.

Upon her arrival, the Siberian tennis player called tournament officials looking for her ride at the empty airport. “They said they were at the airport and looking for me,” Jovanovski said. “I said I was the only person here!”

Jovanovski could not get a flight out of New Mexico until the following morning causing her to just barley make the match when she arrived 30 minutes before. Even though she end up losing, 3-6 6-4 6-1, at least Jovanovski got a few extra frequent flier miles!

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