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Did surfer Andy Irons die of a methadone overdose?

Surfer legend Andy Irons died in November, and now his widow has filed a court release to block his autopsy. Lyndie Irons gave birth to Andy Irons child in December, she claims that releasing the results of the autopsy would do “immediate and irrevocable harm” to Irons’ branding image and would hurt herself and daughter financially.

Rumors first surfaced Andy Irons died of dengue fever, which being a surfer I don’t think anyone would argue, but information has began to leak out that Andy Irons may have been an overdose. Back in November, TMZ reported police found alprazolam and zolpidem in Andy Irons’ hotel room.

A Tarrant County, Texas judge has sided with Lyndie Irons and has blocked the autopsy until May 20.

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