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NY Jets Antonio Cromartie trying to block baby mama reality show

New York Jets cornerback Antonio  Cromartie became more famous for not remembering the names of his 10 children than his plays on Sunday during the HBO reality series Hard Knocks. Despite his reality TV fame, Cromartie is blocking a reality show following the 8 woman he has fathered 10 of his children with.

The New York Post is reporting that the series would be based on Cromartie’s 8 mothers as they “trying to co-exist as a modern family.” The mothers live in California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and New Jersey. Although a production company has already gotten approval from the majority of the mothers, the pro-bowler has been adament he wants no part of the series.

However, one mother Ryan Ross argues, “Our kids need to know who their siblings are. It’s bigger than our past with Antonio. It’s about our children.”

In 2010, Cromartie was criticized for struggling to remember the names of all of his children while HBO documented the Jets training camp in Hard Knocks. Cromartie who makes $8 million a year, 7 of the 8  baby mamas $3,500 a month in child support. Lucky for Cromartie, he can turn to teammate Tim Tebow for moral advice.

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Video: NY Jet Cromartie can’t remember kids’ names

HBO’s new series “Hard Knocks” follows the New York Jets during training camp as they prepare for the upcoming new season. In the latest episode cornerback Antonio Cromartie talks about being a father and has trouble naming all of his seven kids who are under the age of five. Cromartie told the New York Post the interview was staged, and producers told him to pause between names. Regardless of the pauses, it’s pretty unbelievable Cromartie has multiple kids who are the age of three.

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