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Jimmer Fredette to star in reality show

Now that BYU basketball star Jimmer Fredette doesn’t have to go to class anymore, he has turned his sights onto the small screen. The 20-year old who led the nation in scoring will be in a reality show for the NBA draft.

Tupelo-Honey Productionss announced they will document over 100-hours in 30 days leading up to the draft. Jimmer will provide his fans with daily updates in webispodes and video blogs, along with a televised documentary.

“This is an amazing time for me,” Fredette said. “I’m looking forward to preparing for an NBA career, and this project will allow me to share the excitement I’m feeling with the fans who have been with me for my college career. Putting this on the internet means basketball fans everywhere can follow this great opportunity that I’m blessed to have.”

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Jimmer Fredette told not to go to class by BYU

BYU’s Jimmer Fredette is too cool for school. The basketball superstar has been told not to go to class by school officials because he is a “distraction to students.” Since Fredette’s return from the NCAA tournament, Fredette cannot go anywhere in Provo without being asked for autographs or pictures… and that includes the classroom. BYU has instead asked Fredette to take online classes.

According to Jimmer’s father Al Fredette, “It was getting too disruptive. He can’t go anywhere in Provo without being recognized.”

While Fredette has no officially declared for the NBA draft, he is expected to go early in the first round.

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Brandon Davies suspended from BYU for getting professor’s daughter pregnant?

BYU basketball star Brandon Davies made headlines when he was suspended from the team for breaking the school’s honor code after admitting to having premarital sex with his girlfriend of two-years. Many criticized BYU for its harsh honor code, which also prohibits students from using tobaco, drinking alcohol or even caffeine. But now new details are emerging in the Davies sex scandal, media sources are reporting Davis cheated on his girlfriend and got a BYU professor’s 19-year old daughter pregnant.

The professor went directly to the Athletic Department, who covered up the sex scandal by allowing Davies to admit he had inappropriate relations with his girlfriend. A March Madness favorite, BYU was ranked No.3 but lost to New Mexico the day after Davies’ suspension.

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