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Lance Armstrong banned from Chicago Marathon

Lance Armstrong has been banned from running the Chicago Marathon. Race director Carey Pinkowski said, “I have had no direct contact from Lance or anyone representing him. We had some indication from his charity (Livestrong) that Lance might have been interested in running.”

The disgraced cyclist was banned from the sport after her chose not to contest performance enhancing charges against him by the United States Anti-Doping Agency. Under USA Track & Field rules, banned athletes in other sports are prohibited from running the Chicago, Boston and New York Marathon.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Pinkowski learned Armstrong was interested in running the Chicago or New York Marathon on Thursday at a charity operations meeting before deciding with New York and Boston race director that they would uphold the WADA rules.

Despite not being allowed to run the Chicago Marathon, Livestrong will continue its association with the race. “They are one of our strongest charities,” Pinkowski said.  “They will have 250 participants this year.  We will continue to support the charity and its efforts.”

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Woman gives birth after running Chicago Marathon

Women often compare delivery a baby to running a marathon, but Amber Miller actually gave birth to a baby girl after she finished the Chicago Marathon on Sunday!

Miller was 39 weeks pregnant was was given permission by her doctor to run the 26.2 mile race. The avid runner ran two miles, walked two miles but started feelings contractions towards the end of the race. She  finished in 6 hours and 25 minutes, ate a sandwich, then went to the hospital!

Miller ran the marathon with her husband, but left him after the first mile and finished before him. The couple named their daughter June, who was 7 lbs, 24 ounces.

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