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Clay Aiken singing National Anthem at NHL All-Star game

When you think of hockey players you think tough, manly and rouged… everything American Idol runner up Clay Aiken epitomizes, so much so that it has been announced Aiken will sing the National Anthem at this year’s NHL All-Star game. The NHL is honoring the host city with not only having the Raleigh native sing but by naming Carolina Hurricanes Eric Staal as one of the team captains.

Akien told USA Today: “We all rally behind the home team,” says Aiken, a native of Raleigh, N.C., where the game will be held. Raleigh got the team, which had been the Hartford Whalers in 1997, and the team won the Stanley Cup in 2006. “I don’t think anybody in Raleigh knew much about hockey until the Hurricanes came to town, but now everybody has learned to love it”

This will be the first time the Green Men and Claymates will be at the same event.

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