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Maria Menounos puts moves on Clay Matthews at Super Bowl Media Day

Maria Menounos is a former Miss Teen USA, MTV VJ and now Access Hollywood correspondent. While not the most professional journalistic skills, this is called Thejerseychaser.com… watch as Menounos puts the moves on Green Bay Packers Clay Matthews. Can you blame her? Look at Matthews’ luscious locks.

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Super Bowl XLV turning into a hair battle btewen Polamalu and Matthews

Earlier this week, Green Bay Packers’ linebacker Clay Matthews signed a deal with Suave shampoo for men as their newest spokesman, making Super Bowl XLV a battle of the hair. Pittsburgh Steelers Troy Polamalu already has an endorsement deal for Head & Shoulders shampoo. In August, P&G paid for a million-dollar insurance policy from Lloyd’s of London for Polamalu’s hair. Matthews should take note, back in 2004 during a Steelers-Kansas City Chiefs game, Polamalu was tackled when running back Larry Johnson pulled Polamalu’s hair.

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