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Mike Ilitch to buy the pistons

Mike Ilitch, Detroit businessman and owners of the Detroit Red Wings and Tigers now wants to buy the Pistons. The Detroit Pistons are for sale after long time owner Bill Davidson died last year. Davidson’s wife, Karen, is now selling the team, meaning they may not stay in Detroit!

“When I read in the paper there was the chance that this great sports town could lose one of its professional sports franchises, I just didn’t see how we could let that happen,” Ilitch said. “The Pistons, just like the Red Wings, Tigers and the Lions, have a rich and storied tradition in this community.”

While Ilitch has led the Red Wings to four Stanley Cups and a Tigers World Series appearance in 2006, he has also come under criticism for fans for not paying enough attention to both of his teams.

“We believe we could bring a lot to the table that could be tremendously positive for the Pistons franchise, the NBA and the fans of this community,” Ilitch said.

Ilitch bought the Red Wings in 1982 and the Tigers a decade later in 1992. The talk of Ilitch buying the Pistons comes at a time where the Red Wings are looking for a new home. The team’s lease at Joe Louis Arena expired in July. While many are speculating that the Red Wings could move to the Palace of Auburn Hills, Ilitch has been adamant about keeping the team in Detroit in the past.

Illitch said he has notified the Pistons of his interest in buying the team and would be a “local and engaging owner.”

The question is…. if Ilitch buys the Pistons will April in the D become Ilitch in the D?

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Matt Garza throws a no-hitter; Jim Leyland no-spitter?

On Monday night, Tampa Bay Ray Matt Garza pitched a no-hitter in the Ray’s 5-0 win over the Detroit Tigers. Garza’s no-hitter is the first one in franchise history, but not the first no-hitter this season. The year of the pitcher, Garza becomes the fifth player to pitch a no-hitter in 2010, well on track to beating the record of seven no-hitters in season back in 1990 and 1991.

While baseball fans have seen plenty of no-hitters and one kinda perfect game, Tigers manager Jim Leyland also gave fans a no-spitter. Leyland is in the midst of a spitting controversy. Umpire Marty Foster is claiming Leyland spit on him during an altercation in the third inning of Garza’s no-hitter. Leyland was tossed from the game after arguing with Foster over Ray’s B.J Upton’s stolen base.

Foster ejected Leyland claiming the manager spit on him, but Lelaynd says he’s innocent. “Did I spray him? Yes. Did I mean to? No. I was talking right close [to him] and what happens a lot of times, happened. I asked him if he was going to write me up. He said, ‘You spit on me.’ I said, ‘You mean to tell me that you’re going to write up that I deliberately spit on you?’ He said, ‘Yes.’ I said, ‘Well that’s a blatant lie.’

The MLB is investigating the incident and will decide if further disciplinary action will be taken.

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Tiger fans get the wrong Jim Joyce

An Ohio man who shares the same name and home state of the umpire responsible for blowing Galarraga’s prefect game is having a case of mistaken identity. Jim Joyce of Toledo had to disconnect his phone because of angry phone calls from Tiger fans, but they had the wrong guy.

“Everybody was pretty irate quite honestly,” Joyce said, describing the calls. “A lot of them are vulgar things. Some of them were funny about me needing new glasses but then they’d follow it up with vulgarity as well.”
Too bad for this Jim Joyce is a Tigers’ fan!

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Galarraga gets a Corvette after missed call in Perfect Game

Galarraga may have not gotten the perfect game, but he did get a corvette. After seeing Galarraga get robbed of a perfect game, GM’s North American President, Mark Reuss, honored Galarraga with a $53,580 corvette.

Reuss is an acquaintance of Tigers owner Mike Illitch and said, “It’s only fitting we help give back for all the Illitches have done for Detroit and to celebrate Armando’s pitching and sportsmanship during one of the most captivating evenings in Tigers history.”

Reuss is making reference to the Comerica Park Fountain in which GM sponsors. GM had sponsored the fountain since Comerica Park opened in 2001. But during the 2009 season, GM could no longer sponsor the fountain because of the finical woes that hit the auto industry. However, Illitch kept GM’s name on the fountain while adding Chrysler and Ford. GM got to keep the fountain, and Galarraga got a vette.

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