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Accused Ohio State football player Posey sold ring to help widowed mother

Yesterday, Thejerseychaser.com reported five Ohio State football players have been suspended for the first five games for the 2011 season for NCAA infractions. Wide receiver DeVier Posey one of the guilty, sold his Big10 Championship ring on Ebay for $1,200. Posey is not happy about his suspension and is speaking out saying he sold it to help his widowed mother of four financially. In an interview with the Columbus Dispatch, Posey and his mother spoke out:

“You have to have a car. You’ve got to have insurance. You’ve got to have gas money. What they give them for rent and stuff is not enough. It’s just not enough… So it’s already a financial strain on a family. The whole thing requires money, but they – the NCAA – don’t want to give it to them. The NCAA is saying, ‘Well, if they gave them money, they no longer have amateur status.’ Well, guess what? College football and basketball players are the only amateurs not receiving any money that I see plastered all over the TV and on magazines. They’re not amateurs. Who do they think they’re kidding? The NCAA certainly doesn’t look at them as amateurs. If they did, they wouldn’t be making money off them.”

Mrs. Posey does have a point… if the NCAA was serious about their punishment they would have suspended the players during their upcoming $ugar Bowl. Next time college athletes want to make some cash they should just have their dads sell their championship memorabilia.

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