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Monday Video: Daughter consoles dad after soccer loss

The De Graafschap are being relegated from the Dutch Eredivisie, which means the Dutch football team is being demoted to a lower league after a disapointing season. The De Graafschap finished second to last and couldn’t save themselves in a promotion/relegation playoff game, with a 1-1 draw against FC Den Bosch. Watch midfielder Rogier Meijer’s daughter console him after the loss.

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FC Barcelona player to dump Shakira or leave team

Shakira’s hips have gotten FC Barcelona soccer player Gerard Piqué into trouble. Head coach Pep Guardiola believes Shakira is a distraction to Piqué, and it is affecting his play… so much so that Guardiola is threatening to leave the team unless Piqué ends things with Shakira or is traded.

Piqué has been linked to the Colombian singer since last March and is accused of being late to practice and missing team meetings. The centre back was even photographed white water rafting, which is an activity banned by FC Barcelona.

But Shakira’s interferance just doesn’t stop with FC Barcelona, rival soccer team Real Madrid has banned Shakira’s music. Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabéu Stadium used to have Shakira’s music on their pre-match playlist, but the songs have been pulled.

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Qatari parents name baby Fifa after World Cup bid

Qatar shocked the world when it was chosen over many countries including the US to host the 2022 World Cup. A couple paid tribute to the honor by naming their daughter FIFA, after the Federation Internationale de Football Association.

Fifa was born on Dec. 2, while her mother was in labor it was announced Qatar had
won the bid.

“When I was in labor I heard that Qatar was picked ahead of many other countries to host the World Cup finals, so my husband and I decided to name her Fifa. We saw that Qataris were truly overjoyed with the historic award and we wanted to contribute to the celebrations in our own way,” Fifa’s mom said

Fifa will be 12 when the World Cup will be hosted in Qatar. I wonder where Fifa will end up on this year’s Most Popular Baby Names list?

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