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Infomercials get higher ratings than hockey in Miami

In a new report by Sports Business Daily, the Florida Panthers’ TV ratings are so bad their games get less viewers than infomercials. The Panthers average only 3,000 viewers a game, the worst of the 22 teams studied.

AbCoaster exercise equipment, the Ninja Professional Blender and the Chopper and Ice Crusher all got higher ratings for their infomercials.

To put into perspective how bad it really is, the Pittsburgh Penguins have the largest audience in the NHL, averaging 105,000 households a game. The Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings are second and third in NHL ratings. In the Panthers’ defense, Florida isn’t really a hockey market… despite the Tampa Bay Lightning getting 15,000 viewers!

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Florida Panthers host root beer summit

The Florida Panthers hosted a root beer peace summit for two South Florida 6-year olds who go in a hockey fight. The video is posted above, and if there was such a thing as precious in hockey that would be it.

The Panthers invited the players to a root beer summit at the teams training camp facility, much like last year’s beer summit hosted by President Obama.

Star forward Justin Booth hosted the summit and made sure the kids didn’t have too much to drink.

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