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Video: Oregon mascot Dougies and college football rankings

The University of Oregon had a big win over Standford Saturday night as the No.4 Ducks beat No.9 Standford, 52-31. The win gave Oregon the edge in the AP College Football rankings as the Ducks earned the No.3 spot, beating out Bosie States. Bosie State spent the entire first month of the college football season at No.3 but slid to No.4. Other surprising rankings, for the first time in 10-years Texas is not in the top 25. The Longhorns suffered back to back losses to UCLA and Oklahoma respectively. With the Michigan Michigan State showdown just a week away, things just got a little more competitive. Michigan State’s 34-24 win over No.11 Wisconsin got them the No.17 spot in the newest rankings. The Wolverines are just one spot away ranked No.18.

As the college football rankings saw its biggest shuffle of the season, the Ducks had reason to celebrate… shown by their mascot who showed the crowd how to “Dougie” at Saturday’s game.

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