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A-Rod and Cameron Diaz back together; pictures of the couple on yacht in South Beach!

Our July Jersey Chaser Cameron Diaz is back together with Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriquez. The couple began dating back in the summer but broke up in October. Now, paparazzis have caught the pair sun bathing on a yacht in South Beach. According to the Daily Mail, A-Rod and Diaz are back together:

“He cut things off from her and she was really hurt. She wasn’t looking to get married or anything, but Alex has a wandering eye and wanted to see other people. But, he missed her. Cameron is really a lot of fun and Alex always had a good time with her… He called her and asked her to get together and at first Cameron said, “no,” But after a long conversation he finally convinced her to meet with him. For now, it looks like all is forgiven.”

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Fan who rushed field during Game 3 of ALCS had crush on Cameron Diaz

On Monday during Game 3 of the Yankees Rangers ALCS playoffs, a fan rushed the field and tried to attack Alex Rodriguez. The fan was tackled, and the Yankees lost 8-0. Now the New York Post is reporting the crazed fan attacked A-Rod not because he was a Rangers fan but over jealousy of the third baseman’s relationship with actress Cameron Diaz. Although A-Rod and Diaz have not been spotted together in weeks, Grim LeRogue, formally Joe Rogan of the Bronx, rushed the field and was carrying five pictures with him. One of the pictures was of Rodriguez with an X drawn on his face and a gun pointed to his head. LeRogue wrote on the picture, “You have to go bud, you’ve ruined too many of our white queens.” On a picture of Diaz, LeRogue wrote, “We will be together soon.”

The final two pictures were of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. On the Houston picture, LeRogue wrote, “You will soon be my master’s wife.” LeRogue was referring to Osama bin Laden, who he was also carrying a picture of that read: “I will serve you.”

LeRogue is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation at Lincoln Hospital in New York. He will have a bedside arraignment on Thursday.

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