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Former Yankees batboy reveals players secrets

Ex-New York Yankees batboy Luis Castillo lived every baseball fan’s fantasy and is now revealing team secrets to the New York Post… even how he got the nickname of Squeegee by Derek Jeter himself. According to Castillo, Jeter would great him and fellow batboys by saying, “‘How’re you doin’, biatches?’ Bee-atch-es. You’d turn around and say to yourself, Hunh? Was that Derek Jeter who waltzed past, the team captain, the man who is — in the public eye — a model of correctness and good taste?”

Castillo started his tenure with the Yankees when he was just 14 but later served as a clubhouse assistant. Though a committed man now to our Jersey Chaser of the Month, Jeter used his trainer to pick up woman in New York night clubs. “.He would ask the trainer to go up to the woman and tell her that Derek Jeter wanted to talk with her. Then he would leave the bar first and wait for her. I would often see groups of women giggling and leaving with the trainer, who would lead them to their rendezvous with the captain.”

While Castillo didn’t rearrange booty calls for Jeter, he did have to lay out clothes and put toothpaste on his toothbrush for Alex Rodriguez.

“Jeter and some of the other guys were terrific tippers. Roger Clemens gave me $3,000 at the end of the year. Posada gave me $7,000. A-Rod might come in with $1,400. Sure, it’s still a sizable amount, but when he found out that other players were tipping higher, he had to imitate them, and he bumped his tips up.” Castillo said. “He had to make sure he was the best tipper in the league. He even tipped me $100 a week to make sure there was a creatine shake waiting for him after each home game.”

Wonder if Cameron Diaz has to make his creatine shake now?

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A-Rod being investigated for illegal poker games

Hollywood A-listers Matt Damon, Toby Maguire and Leonardo Dicaprio are being accused of being involved in a high stakes illegal poker ring, and now the scandal has infiltrated the sports world. Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez is being investigated by the MLB in connection with the gambling ring. Poker pro Dan Blizerian revealed how things quickly got out of hand during a Beverly Hills high stakes poker game, “I would estimate A-Rod lost, like, a few thousand dollars that night. After everything that happened, he paid-up and left.”

ESPN New York spoke to a source within the MLB who said, “We’re talking to people involved in the investigation and we’re taking this very seriously. Because he had been warned about this before, I would say a possible suspension would be very much in play.”

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Cameron Diaz talks A-Rod and feeds David Letterman popcorn

Cameron Diaz was on David Letterman to promote her new movie Bad Teacher. The normally relationship shy Diaz talked openly about her relationship with NY Yankee Alex Rodriguez (so much for breakup rumors) and even joked about the famous Popcorn-Gate at the Super Bowl!

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Cameron Diaz and A-Rod Split!

Alex Rodriguez and his jersey chaser Cameron Diaz have called it quits. According to Perezhilton.com, a source says, “They’ve broken up …. [and says Cameron is] hurt and betrayed,because she tried so hard to please him … She went overboard.” The couple have been dating since July but broke up only to get back together again this past winter.  As recently as this past February, Diaz was spotted on vacation with Rodriguez kids in Mexico.

Throughout their courtship, Diaz stayed mum on their relationship only confirming they were dating in May. Diaz told Britain’s Elle magazine, “Yes, Alex is my boyfriend. It’s not a secret any more.”

This is not A-Rod’s first high profile romance with a Hollywood starlet… the Yankees slugger was together with Kate Hudson during his 2009 World Series win and dated Madonna, who was reportedly responsible for the breakup of Rodriguez’s ex-wife Cynthia.

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