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Baltimore Ravens fans turn in Joe Flacco for riding a skateboard

Baltimore Ravens fans will do anything to see their team win a Super Bowl, and that includes turning on Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. A distressed fan called Baltimore General Manager Ozzie Newsome to report they saw the franchise quarterback on a skateboard.

“I’d never been on a skateboard in my life, so I was literally riding it about 10 feet down my driveway just to see if I could stand on it and stay upright,” Flacco told NFL Total Access.“One of my neighbors must have called in looking for Newsome and left a voicemail on his secretary’s phone saying, ‘Hey, man, you got to let Joe Flacco know we’re trying to win the Super Bowl around here! He’s at home riding a skateboard. Somebody’s got to let him know what the deal is.’”

Flacco can’t trust his neighbors or his teammates. On Monday, Ravens safety Ed Reed called out Flacco along with the offensive line that they need to play better in this weekend’s AFC title game.

The Baltimore Ravens will face the New England Patiorts, and even though the Pats are favored, many are believe the Ravens and Flacco can skate by.

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