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Pac 12 fighting with Tupac fan over Pac12.com domain name

With the addition of Utah and Colorado, the Pac 10 is now the Pac 12… but their domain name isn’t. The Pac 12 wants their web address to be Pac12.com, and so the rebranding campaign has been put on hold as a dedicated Tupac Shakur fan will not give up the domain name. Pac12.com is a MP3 widget allowing fans to download full Tupac albums via Amazon. The Pac12.com web page was left blank, until the Pac 12 filed a lawsuit with the World Intellectual Property Forum to gain ownership.

You would think the Pac 12 would have learned their lesson. Up until 2009, Pac10.com was owned by advertising and marketing company Marchex.

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Texas will NOT join the Pac 12

In the mega-conference shuffle, Texas has thrown everyone for a loop hole by deciding to stay in the Big 12.

After Nebraska left for the Big 10 and Colorado the Pac 10, Texas’ departure would have been the final nail in the Big 12 coffin.

Texas’s decision to stay in Big 12 creates challenges for the Pac 10s and Big 10s plans to merge into mega-conferences by luring teams away from the Big 12…. but with Texas staying that won’t be happening.

The purpose of the mega-conferences were to make more money, but Texas found away to do that without joining the Pac 10. Texas was able to negotiate TV revenue where the Longhorns would receive $20 m and the other schools would get between $14-17m.

Many are speculating how long it will last and believe the Big 12 will only fall further back in TV rights. But for now, Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State are all staying put.

Alas the most confusing part of the mega-conference shuffle is that the Big 12 now has 10 teams, while the Big 10 now has 12 teams!

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