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Peyton Hillis traded from Denver Broncos after hitting on coach’s wife

Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis is ninth in the NFL in rushing and has scored 11 touchdowns. Hillis breakout season is making many Denver Bronco’s fans kick themselves that the team traded him away this off season.

But it wasn’t the Browns lacked confidence in Hillis, rather he was traded after hitting on head coach Josh McDaniels’ wife.

NFL analyst Mark Schlereth told Denver’s 104.3 sports talk, Hills put the moves on Laura McDaniels soon after her husband became the head coach in 2009.

Unfortunately for McDaniels, players hitting on his wife is not the only thing he needs to worry about… the Broncos are 3-8!

On the bright side, it’s good to know that not even proffesional athletes are exempt from flirting with the boss’ wife.

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