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Your NFC-AFC Championship Preview according to Jersey Chasers

As the Chicago bears v. Green Bay Packers and New York Jets v. Pittsburgh Steelers prepare for their respective conference championships test your Jersey Chasing knowledge. While everyone cannot be a winner on the field, as these men have proved, they can still be winners off.

  1. Jamie Lynn Sigler had a summer romance with this NFL quarterback. The former Sopranos star even escorted him at the 2010 Tony Awards where he introduce a performance from the play Memphis. Despite their 7-year age gap, the two immediately connected after meeting at the Tribeca Film Festival.
  2. The dad of an 11-year old daughter briefly dated the socialite in 2004. Paris Hilton was spotted in the stands cheering her man on after they met in Vegas. The NFL star later brushed off their relationship, telling Sports Illustrated it was just fun and nothing serious.
  3. Though never officially confirmed, ESPN’s Erin Andrews was linked to the NFL quarterback and allegedly spotted in his private sky box cheering him on. In the past, Andrews has led others to believe she is dating someone to gain publicity… anyone remember Dancing With The Stars?
  4. Former Hills star Kristin Cavallari was honored as our Jersey Chaser for the Month of September when she began dating Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Culter… but this is not Cavallari’s first time jersey chasing. The Justin Bobby-ex has also dated another quarterback playing for a conference championship this weekend
  5. Spotted- Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohar getting cozy with an NFL quarterback. After breaking up with co-star Ed Westwick, Szohar entered the jersey chasing game. She hails from the home state of her quarterback’s team. A different pace than the Upper East Side, they have been spotted at NBA games and grabbing pizza.
  6. Canadian actress Missy Peregrym chose football over hockey when she dated the NFL quarterback. The model-actress dated the NFL Bad Boy for two years before she broke up with him right before he led his team to the Super Bowl. Peregrym’s ex is now engaged, and Pergrym has retired from jersey chasing.
  7. Julia Allison is the former editor of Star Magazine turned lingerie model who began dating the NFL quarterback in 2009. Allison welcomed the quarterback to her hometown when he was traded. Allison was two-years older than her jersey chasing boyfriend, which may explain why they are no longer together…

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NY Jets Bart Scott post game interview after win against the Patriots

The Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers and NY Jets are all one game closer to the Super Bowl. All teams are excited, but Jets Bart Scott took it to a whole other level….

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Boy sent home from school on Seattle Seahwks Apperciate Day for wearing Steelers jersey

13-year old Grendon Bailie was sent home from school after he wore a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey on Seattle Seahawks Appreciate Day. Tacoma School District spokeswoman Stacy Flores said, “This boy came in a different color, a different team, and he was asked, if he didn’t want to participate in the Seahawks colors day, then he could wear his uniform.”

Ballie’s father supports his son’s decision who said, “Not everyone is a Seahawks fan – and if they got to wear their team stuff then I should, too.”

In America we have freedom of speech and religion but not freedom of sports teams.

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Ben Roethlisberger is engaged

It appears as though Ben Roethlisberger has calmed his Big Ben ways. The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback who just this past April was accused of sexually assaulting an under age girl is reportedly engaged. The lucky or unlucky lady is Ashley Harlan, who graduated from St. Francis College in 2008. The engagement happened over the holiday, and the couple plan to marry in July.

Roethlisberger started off the season with a four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy, and now him and Pittsburgh Steelers prepare for the playoffs. When talking to reporters about the upcoming game, Big Ben neither confirmed or denied his rumored engagement, “Oh geez. Listen, there’s always rumors out there about professional athletes, especially about me. You guys know that I am not going to talk about my own personal life, I don’t do that. My one singular focus right now is on the playoffs, on football and trying to get to the Super Bowl. So, that’s what my focus is right now.”

The Steelers have a bye the first round of the playoffs… no word if the Future Mrs. Harlan will be cheering on Roethlisberger in the stands.

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