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Ryan Lochte gets reality show on clothing line

Sorry jersey chasers… Ryan Lochte will not be the next Bachelor, but you can still see him on TV only in his own reality show. The Olympic swimmer confirmed he is getting his own reality show, “They follow me on my normal day, just training, doing my own fashion line…It’s gonna be me, me being myself. And I’m pretty much going to show the world that and my new fashion line.”

In case anyone was confused, the show will be about Lochte and his clothing line. The 28-year old will join the E! family- who is apart of the NBC Network and home to the Olympics. It is unclear if Prince Harry will be making any cameos…

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Video: Ryan Lochte and Prince Harry race in a pool

The Olympics maybe over but Ryan Lochte never stops training. This time racing Prince Harry at Wynn hotel’s XS Nightclub in Vegas at 3am. Earlier this year, Prince Harry raced Usain Bolt when he visited Jamaica.

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Ryan Lochte the next Bachelor?

After his mom told America her son only has time for one-night-stands Ryan Lochte maybe your next Bachelor. Lochte, who won two gold medals in London, revealed to Today Show’s Matt Lauer, “I’m definitely looking toward ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and ‘The Bachelor,’ so we’ll see what happens.” Lochte, who wants to move to LA, has not been shy about his TV aspirations, already starring in a Funny or Die parody and slated to appear on 90210.

But Lochte isn’t just interested in the Bachelor for the screen time, before the Olympics, the 28-year old told the New York Times, ”I’m over the whole college scene.” Because when you are two years shy of 30 and can’t find true love on a college campus turn to reality TV.

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