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Fan in cow costume rushes field and scores at soccer game

A fan who rushed the field in a cow costume and scored the only goal in the Sporting Kansas City- Chicago Fire game… Holy Cow!

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David Beckham and son in a car accident

David Beckham and his oldest son Brooklyn were in a car accident on Friday morning. The incident happened on LA freeway 405, when Beckham tried to avoid a stalled car in the car pool lane. Instead, Beckham rear ended his Cadillac Escalade into a Mitsubishi in the neighboring lane.

While Beckham and Brooklyn were unharmed, the other drive involved in the crash had to be taken to the hospital. Witnesses say while the incident was minor, it could have been much worse!

The accident happened just one day before wife Victoria Beckham’s baby shower. The shower was planned by fellow jersey chaser Eva Longoria.

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Judge order Beckham to pay InTouch court fees

A judge has order David Beckham to pay In Touch Magazine’s court fees after he sued the magazine for $25 million over false accusations. The suit was dismissed by the judge over failure of evidence that the editors of In Touch published the story “with malice” intent after In Touch printed that Becks cheated on wife Victoria beckham with Bosian prostitute, Irma Nici.

Beckham refutes the dates and times Nici claimed she was with the soccer star. In the legal documents obtained by News of the World, Beckhman said: “As is my custom when I arrive at a hotel on a road trip before a match, a massage therapist came to my hotel room within a few hours after I checked to in to give me a massage… I recall that the therapist did not leave my hotel room until the very early morning. My security team was with me before, during and after the massage. After the therapist left I went to sleep. I have reviewed the daily logs prepared by my security detail which confirm my recollections.”

Becks has already filed an appeal but still must pay the $300,000 in legal fees for In Touch. Him and his wife Victoria are expecting their fourth child and first daughter this summer.

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Soccer fans bring dead body to game

In the security breach of all security breaches… a group of Columbian soccer fans brought a 17-year old’s dead body to a Onceno Rojinegro soccer game after he was murdered just hours earlier. The fans figured they would pay tribute to the soccer fan, Cristopher Alexander Jacome Sanguino, who was gunned down by a hit man while playing soccer at a park. The shooting happened in the dangerous Columbian Bellavista neighborhood.

Sanguino’s mourners were able to sneak the casket into the game by lying to both the police and security by saying the other had given them permission to bring the body into the game

And people think it’s weird I have brought an octopus to a hockey game?!?

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