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Tiki Barber’s mistress Traci Lynn Johnson tells her side of the story (affair)

Traci Lynn Johnson… the home wrecking 23-year old NBC intern who broke up Tiki Barber’s marriage while his wife was seven months pregnant (say that 10 times fast), has written a memoir blog sharing her story.

In it, Johnson claims that Barber’s marriage was broken long before she became intimate with him… which I find that hard to believe considering his wife was pregnant. Johnson said that she had been friends with him for years, again I find it hard to believe that Barber’s wife was okay with him being friends with a 20-year old blond. To see the entire blog click here!

Ladies keep chasing but leave the married men alone!

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Tiki Barber broke; can’t pay child support

That’s what you get for leaving your pregnant wife…. the ex-wife of former New York Giants superstar Tiki Barber is demanding $150,00 a month in alimony and child support… however, Barber is saying he is too broke to pay the divorce settlement.

Barber’s ex-wife Ginny has denied the amount saying it is ridiculous and she does not even have a nanny. Still, sources are saying Barber is trying to low-ball Ginny. Recenlty, Barber was fired as an NBC “Today Show” correspondent, in which he made $300,000.

In April, Barber left Ginny for a younger women while she was pregnant with twins. The couple have four children together and were college sweethearts.

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Tiki Barber banned from waiting room for birth of twins

Former NY Giants running back Tiki Barber was banned from the delivery room during the birth of his twin daughters. Apirl’s Jersey Chaser of the Month was Tiki Barber homewrecker, 23-year old Traci Lynn Johnson. Johnson broke up Tiki’s 11-year marriage with wife Ginny. Tiki and Ginny were college sweethearts where they met at the University of Virginia. The couple have two sons and were expecting twins when Ginny found out abuot Tiki’s affair with the NBC intern (Tikki is a correspondent for the Today Show). While Tiki was banned from the delivery room, he was at the hospital and did see the twin girls after they were born. Wonder if Johnson will be on diaper duty…?

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