Dallas Cowboys haze Dez Bryant; buys $55,000 steak dinner for team

Dallas Cowboys rookie Dez Bryant caught a lot of flack during NFL training camp after he refused to carry veteran Roy Williams’ practice pads.  The Cowboys got their revenge on Bryant after they stuck the rookie with the $55,000 bill at a steakhouse. The team was out to dinner at Pappas Bros Steakhouse in Dallas, with many of the teammates taking to Twitter to boast about the food.

Miles Austin: “Food is crazy here!!!”

Jesse Holley: “Woke up this morning and scramble me some cheese eggs to go w/ my left over 20oz Kobe steak from last night. Mmmmmmm!”

Felix Jones wrote before the dinner: “Our offensive rookies are buying dinner … I remember those days. Sure don’t miss them the least bit.”

Since the July hazing scandal, Bryant has tried to make nice, buying his fellow receivers Air Jordan Olympic 7s. Bryant even gave Williams the Madden NFL 11 video game as a peace offering.

Bon appetite Bryant!

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