Eva Longoira out to lunch with ex Tony Parker

Our Jersey Chaser of the Month, Eva Longoira was seen out to lunch withher cheating bastard ex-husband Tony Parker, despite filing for divorce just two weeks ago.

Parker was in town because the San Antonio Spurs played the LA Clippers . It seems the split has messed up Tony’s A-Game since the first place Spurs lost to the 4-15 Clippers, 90-85 Wednesday night.

The no longer estranged couple met for lunch at a Los Angeles hotel, and now rumors are surfacing of a possible reconcile? Remember Eva, there is no such thing as a free lunch!

Image via TMZ

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2 Responses to Eva Longoira out to lunch with ex Tony Parker

  1. aaron naranjo says:

    I think it is rude and inconsiderate for the jerseychaser to call tony parker a cheating bastard! what if eva was the one doing the dirt! These are just rumors of him with brent barrys ex wife, so it is not certain. I think whoever wrote this article has some personal bias issues to work on when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex! Perhaps they were cheated on as well? Maybe thats why they are bashing on the NBA star. Tony Parker had a 20 point night with a win over the timberwolves. I clearly do not see him being affected by the divorce. One bad game….BIG FREAKING DEAL!!! Oh and tony, you can have any woman you want! Dont worry about feeling tied down by the media and what society is saying what you should do! Dont we call this place we live on the land of the free!!!

  2. J Naranjo says:



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