Eva Longoria leans on Victoria Beckham during nasty divorce from Tony Parker

Things are heating up in the divorce between Tony Parker and Eva Longoria. Over the weekend, Parker filed for divorce in Texas even though Longoria already filed earlier in the week in California. Parker is upset with Longoria for telling the world that he cheated with former teammate’s wife Erin Barry. Parker has filed for divorce in Texas because he does not want his estranged wife to get any spousal support in the divorce settlment.

During this difficult time, Longoria has leaned on friend and fellow jersey chaser Victoria Bekcham. The former Spice Girl who is married to David Beckham has even invited Longoria to spend the holidays with her and her family to keep her mind off of things.

Victoria Beckham and Longoria have been friends since David Beckham joined the MLS LA Galaxy back in 2007. Hang in there Eva and tell Erin Barry to zigazig ah!

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