Friend says Jenn Sterger texted back Brett Favre

There are new developments in the Brett Favre sexting saga…. the NY Post is reporting that a friend of Jenn Sterger says the former NY Jets sideline reporter did in fact corresponded with Favre. released voicemails and sext messages Favre sent to Sterger, but up until this time it was unclear if Sterger ever responded.

The friend, Allison Torres says she was with Sterger when Favre sent the nude photos and that Sterger would often text Favre. Torres does not know if Sterger had a sexual relationship with Favre but did tell the NY Post:

“I just know they kept texting each other back and forth and that he wanted to hook up. I wouldn’t doubt she was enjoying the attention from him.”

While Sterger is not cooperating with league officials during the investigation, Torres says she is “clearly trying to exploit an unfortunate situation and capitalize on the opportunity to see her name in print.”

Torres also said that Favre would try and get Sterger to come over to his hotel while his family lived in Morristown, NJ. Sterger is currently a sports personality on Versus, and her and Torres have not spoken in a few months. 
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