Jenn Sterger wants Favre suspended

Jenn Sterger is not going down without a fight! The former NY Jets sideline reporter who has accused Brett Favre of sending inappropriate text messages now wants the league to suspend the NFL quaterback or else….

Sterger’s manager Phil Reese told Sports Illustrated’s Dan Patrick Show:

“If the commissioner suspends Favre and puts a program in place to prevent it from happening again…100 percent, Jenn would not pursue any litigation against Favre, against the Jets, against the NFL. Nothing. All she wants to do is clear her name. This is not about money.”

During the interview, Reese also addressed many rumors surrounding the investigation, including that Sterger only texted Favre to see if it really was the legendary quaterback saying, “If this is you, the least you could do is smile instead of giving me that creepy stare every time that you pass by.”

Reese also insists it was Favre’s camp who wanted to pay off Sterger contrary to previous reports. The night before Deadspin released the photos, Favre’s agent Bus cook contacted Reese, “He [Cook] asked me is there a specific figure that you had in mind to make this go away.”

Sterger also faces another tough loss… she is behind in our voting for Jersey Chaserof the Year. Help a girl out!

Image via NY Daily News

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