Kim Kardashian Miles Austin back together?

Former couple Dallas Cowboys Miles Austin and jersey chasing legend Kim Kardashian may be back together! After a dramatic season finale and Twitter feud with Kardashian and former boyfriend Reggie Bush, Kardashian was caught tweeting with Austin.

It all went down on Wednesday when Kardashian responded to Austin’s tweet, “Sometimes u have to fall down to know where u stand ;) , in which Kardashian retweeted, “Those are some wise words ;) ”. Austin flirted back: “yea… i stole your quote lol RT @kimkardashian Those are some pretty wise words.”

Austin and Kardashian dated this past summer but broke up due to busy schedule.

How far you want to read into the Twitter flirting is up to your discretion, but Austin probably needs something to cheer him up with the horrendous Cowboys season. Dallas is 1-5 and quaterback Tony Romo is out for the season.

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