Landon Donovan reconciling with his wife?

Landon Donovan scored the game winning goal in the US Algeria game and became the most desired man in America. But not so fast fellow jersey chasers, Yahoo Sports is reporting Donovan is reconciling with his estranged ex-wife, actress Bianca Kajlich. Donovan and Kajich separated last July after 3 1/2 years of marriage.

After Donovan led Team USA to victory, he had an emotional telephone call with Kajilich. He told Yahoo: “We are not officially divorced. We spoke last night; it was nice.” At a post-game press conference, Donovan went into further detail, “I’ve carried her with me through this tournament and she’s been a part of this with me. and I am lucky to have her.” When asked if he was back together with his wife, Donovan said: “What is this, Access Hollywood?”

The couple have no children and were married on Dec. 31, 2006. Whatever Kajilich is doing… keep up the good work!

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