Look Smart: Terrell Owens and all the drama that comes with him

The Cincinnati Bengals are already off to a rough start with their newest acquisition Terrell Owens. T.O missed his flight this morning causing him to miss his first practice and press conference with the his new team. Despite Chad Ochocinco’s lobbying for the wide receiver to come to Cincinnati, it comes as no surprise that Bengals fans are a little hesitant about T.O. The outspoken outlandish 36-year old even has his own VH-1 reality show. T.O has long been in the spotlight and not always for good reason….

San Francisco 49ers: Terrell Owens played for the San Fransisco 49ers from 1996 to 2003. He parted on rough terms after giving an interview to Playboy magazine where he insulated that 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia was a homosexual. During the offseason in March 2004, Owens believed he was a free agent and reached a contract agreement with the Philadelphia Eagles, but the 49ers, believing they still had the rights to T.O, traded him to the Baltimore Ravens. The three teams reached a settlement before Owen’s case went to arbitration.

Philadelphia Eagles: On November 15, 2004, T.O appeared in an introductory skit for Monday Nigh Football with Desperate Housewives actresses Nicollette Sheridan. In the skit, Sheridan removes her towel in front of T.O, which outraged many for being too sexually suggestive. Problems first started between T.O and the Eagles during the 2004 season after he played hurt during the Eagles trip to Super Bowl XXXIX and did not think he received enough attention. T.O publicly criticized Eagles QB Donovan McNabb saying he got tired during the Super Bowl and that the Eagles would be undefeated if Brett Farve was QB. After continued outlandish public comments on McNabb and Eagles coaching staff, T.O was suspended for four games during the 2005 season and was later released by Philadelphia.

Dallas Cowboys: After singing with the Cowboys four days after his departure from the Eagles, T.O said he would try and maintain a low profile in Dallas. During his three seasons with Dallas, T.O had public spats with QB Tony Romo, blaming him for later being released by the team and even told reporters that he wished Jessica Simpson, Romo’s girlfriend at the time, would stop attending the games. Even during the Cowboys’ bye-week, Owens stole headlines by overdosing on hydrocodone in what many believe was an attempted suicide. T.O downplayed the event and criticized police for taking advantage of him to get media attention. During the Cowboys’ game against During a December 16, 2006 game against the Atlanta Falcons, T.O spit on DeAngelo Hall after a play early in the game. The NFL later fined Owens $35,000 for the incident. After the 2007 season, Dallas Cowboys coach Bill Parcells announced his retirement, when asked to comment on the situation, T.O told reporters he did not learn anything from the legendary coach.The Cowboys chose to release Owens in March of 2009. Owens claimed he learned of his departure by watching ESPN and was said to be blinded by the Cowboys.

After a brief stint with the Buffalo Bills, T.O will be in a Bengals uniform come August with other eccentric WR Ochocinco. Sounds like these guys need their own TV show… together.

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