Michael Vick linked to night club shooting

On Friday, a shooting broke out at the nightclub Michael Vick was celebrating his 30th birthday at. A lawyer for Vick quickly disputed the story by saying Vick had left the nightclub 30 minutes prior to the altercation. Now, the Daily Press reports video surveillance shows Vick leaving at 2:07am… not a half hour before but three minutes before the 2:10am shooting. According to a source, Quanis Phillips, who was involved in the shooting and also served as a co-defendant in the Vick dogfighting case, slapped Vick’s fiancee Kijafa Frink while she was feeding Vick cake causing cake to get on the Eagles’ backup QB. Little cake got on Vick, but the two did exchange words.

While the police have announced that Vick is not a person of interest in the shooting, NFL Commissioner Roger Godell may be of interest. Last July, when Vick was reinstated, Godell warned Vick not to associate with people involved in the dogfighting case and that his “margin for error was extremely limited.”

On Friday, the NFL released a statement saying that they were looking into the situation, but now word yet if a decision has been made or if they know who let the dogs out.

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