New details on Tiger Woods divorce

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren have managed to keep details of their impending divorce private, but now new reports have surfaced revealing that Elin may be receiving the biggest divorce settlement of all time. Their divorce maybe finalized as soon as next week, and Elin will walk away with $500 million…. that is as long as she keeps her mouth shut. Tiger has an estimated net work of $900 million and makes $85 million a year. Under the agreement, Elin is not allowed to reveal anything about Tiger and his affairs to any news source including: radio, magazines, TV, or tell-all books… for the rest of her life! As for Tiger, he is not only forking over his fortune but he is also not allowed to bring any single women around the children. Tiger is allegedly complaining with all of Elin’s demands because his biggest fear is Elin will ruin his reputation after he rebuilds it. Can someone tell Tiger he first has to rebuild his reputation?

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