NFL decision on Brett Favre sexual harrassment to come by season’s end

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says he will make his decision on the Brett Fave sexual harassment case by the season’s end. Jenn Sterger, the former NY Jets sideline reporter who Favre is accused of sending naked pictures to, said she wants to see Favre suspended or she will pursue litigation.

During an interview with NBC’s Football Night in America, Goodell said he expected a decision by the season’s end. “I want to make sure we do what’s right,” Goodell said. “We take this issue very seriously.”

All signs point to that this is Favre’s last season. During last week’s Minnesota Vikings-NY Giants game, Favre missed his first game since 1992. Is stalling the decision Goodell’s way of avoiding suspending Favre and tarnishing the end of his career ?

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