Police surronding Erin Barry’s house to keep paparazzi out; affecting law school classes

Poor Erin Barry, after reports surfaced that she was the other woman involved in the cheating / sexting allegations and responsible for the divorce of Tony Parker and Eva Longoria, she has been shoved into the media spotlight.

Erin Barry has not left her house since Wednesday because of the paparazzi frendzie. According to the San Antonio Dispatch, police have been called to the Terrell Hills home to keep everything under control. Erin Barry and her ex-husband and Parker’s former San Antonio Spurs teammate Brent Barry have owned the home since 2004, and it is valued at $2 million.

Erin Barry is currently in law school at St. Mary’s in San Antonio. While Erin Barry was in class on Wednesday, she did not go to class yesterday. Erin Barry has shown interest in the law field before. She helped write Senate Bill 6 to help reform Child Protective Services.

Someone commented on the Washington Post’s coverage of the Parker Longoria divorce saying, “I go to law school w/Erin Barry. She seemed like a very nice lady, given we’ve only talked a few times, but very intelligent and personable.”

St. Mary’s semester finals being on November 30 and run through December 10…. so it looks like she is going to be leaving her house soon!

Image via San Antonio Dispatcher

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