Rich Rodriguez gets creepy at Michigan football banquet, reads the Bible & sings Josh Groban

University of Michigan football head coach Rich Rodriguez is about to lose his job. In Rodriguez’ three years at Michigan he has compiled a 15-21 record and has failed to bring the team to a bowl game the past two seasons. But it is Rodriguez’s antics at the Michigan football banquet that have even the most die hard Wal-Mart Wolverines scratching their heads.

At last night’s team banquet, Rodriguez shared with the team his emotional struggles. Rodriguez cited the Bible about his faith in the Michigan program.

“I came here three years ago, leaving my comfort zone, because I thought this was a great opportunity,” he said. “I knew after being on the job for a few months there were going to be some challenges. And more come out in front of us. We never ran away from it. It’s going to happen, and it’s going to happen in a big way. I wish it happened yesterday, last year, the first year. Believe me, my life would be a lot easier.”

While this isn’t the SEC or Notre Dame, reading the Bible, especially during Advent isn’t entirely out of the ordinary, but it was Rodriguez next move that really creeped people out.

Fighting back tears, Rodriguez played Josh Groban’s song, “You raise me up” for the crowd and even recited lyrics.

“It may seem kind of cheesy, sappy, what have you. I’ve been listening to it the last couple of weeks and kind of gets the mood we’re in right now.”

The Michigan coach ended his speech saying, “I hope you realize I want to be a Michigan man.”

Michigan man or not, who knew Rich Rod was a Grobanite? But if anyone is going to be compared to the song “You Raise Me Up,” it should be Denard Robinson.

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