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Michigan fans’ reaction to the firing of Rich Rod

As a Michigan native and Walmart Wolverine I think this video describes many fans’ feelings right now. Michigan fans stand divided with the firing of football head coach Rich Rodriguez, who in his tenure at Michigan went 15-22 and failed to beat rivals Michigan State or Ohio State. Front runners to fill RicRod’s position are Michigan Men LSU coach Les Miles and San Diego State coach Brady Hoke. Many UofM fans want Stanford coach Jim Harabaugh, who led the Cardinals to a 12-1 record and to their first Orange Bowl victory, but Harabuagh, who attended high school in Ann Arbor, is expected to go to the NFL. Despite the unlikeliness of Harabuagh coming to Michigan, fans should trust Athletic Director and former Dominos CEO Dave Brandon… he did revamp the Dominos’ sauce didn’t he?

As for Rich Rod’s future, he is expected to go on tour with Josh Groban as his opening act.

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Josh Groban makes fun of Rich Rod for crying to Raise Me Up on Twitter

As if Rich Rodriguez doesn’t have it bad enough worrying about getting fired from his job, now singer Josh Groban has made fun of the University of Michigan football coach on Twitter! At last night’s U of M football banquet, Rich Rod was brought to tears as he sang Groban’s classic “You Raise Me Up.” After three consecutive losing seasons, Rodriguez began singing the song to describe his emotional struggles, “It may seem kind of cheesy, sappy, what have you. I’ve been listening to it the last couple of weeks and kind of gets the mood we’re in right now.”

Groban has now responded to his newest fan on Twitter saying: “Coach Rodriguez, I’m very flattered but crying to You Raise Me Up is SO five years ago #playwelcometothejungle

If Rich Rod keeps his job do you think he will make the Wolverines add the song to their locker room playlist? To follow thejerseychaser.com on Twitter click here!

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Rich Rodriguez gets creepy at Michigan football banquet, reads the Bible & sings Josh Groban

University of Michigan football head coach Rich Rodriguez is about to lose his job. In Rodriguez’ three years at Michigan he has compiled a 15-21 record and has failed to bring the team to a bowl game the past two seasons. But it is Rodriguez’s antics at the Michigan football banquet that have even the most die hard Wal-Mart Wolverines scratching their heads.

At last night’s team banquet, Rodriguez shared with the team his emotional struggles. Rodriguez cited the Bible about his faith in the Michigan program.

“I came here three years ago, leaving my comfort zone, because I thought this was a great opportunity,” he said. “I knew after being on the job for a few months there were going to be some challenges. And more come out in front of us. We never ran away from it. It’s going to happen, and it’s going to happen in a big way. I wish it happened yesterday, last year, the first year. Believe me, my life would be a lot easier.”

While this isn’t the SEC or Notre Dame, reading the Bible, especially during Advent isn’t entirely out of the ordinary, but it was Rodriguez next move that really creeped people out.


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Weekend Roundup: Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Monday jersey chasers! Hope you had a good weekend,  here are some stories you may have missed.. xoxo & keep chasing

Brett Favre lives another day as the Minnesota Vikings come from behind to beat the Arizona Cardinals

The Dallas Cowboys lose again

Local reporter gets knocked out by U of M QB during their 67-65 triple overtime win against Illinois (no that’s not a basketball score)

Flyers announcer pays tribute to “It’s Always Sunny” during broadcast

Dancing with the Stars to tango with St. Louis Cardinals pitcher

Lil Wayne is freeman and a Hornets fans

Alabama loses to LSU putting them in the Top 5 BCS rankings


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