Ryder Cup Cigar Guy’s idenity revealed!

Last week a Tiger Woods photo from the Ryder Cup went viral, and one fan captured the attention of millions. People were asking who the fan dubbed as the “Cigar Guy” was. A blog even offered a $1,000 reward for the man’s idenity. Now, the Daily Mail has tracked down the fan named Rupesh Shingadia. Shingadia is a 30-year-old golf fan and investment analyst from London. As for what Shingadia was wearing, he was playing tribute to Spanish golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez.

The photo was taken as Woods misplayed a shot, causing a gold ball to go straight for a camera lens and gave Shingadia instant fame. Shingadia does not expect his celebrity to last long, but in the meantime he is enjoying the parodies, “My favourite is me with The Simpsons.”

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