Tony Parker and Eva Longoria are not getting a divorce

Earlier today TMZ reported a story that Tony Parker and Eva Longoria, and the couple has now released a statment saying the story is false. TMZ reported that Parker filed for divorce at the Bexar County Courthouse in Texas and apparently confirmed by two clerks at the courthouse.

The couple has been married since July 7, 2007 (7/7/07), and Longoria can often be found courtside at San Antonio Spurs games cheering on her husband.

In the statement released by Longoria’s rep, it says that Tony did not file for divorce and does not even have a divorce lawyer… or maybe he just didn’t tell her? Keep chasing #TEAMEVA!

Currently the Spurs are 8-1 tied for first in the NBA Western Conference. Parker leads the team in points with 34.2 for the season.

Image via Angeli from Purepeople

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  1. Great work keep it coming, best blog on earth

  2. thejerseychaser says:

    Thanks && keep chasing ;)


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