USC student Teague Egan certified as NFL agent; raises many red flags because of past NCAA violations

The USC Trojans are trying to change a tarnished image after its football program was accused of a flurry of NCAA player violations, but that may be hard to do now that a USC student has been certified an NFL agent by the NFL Players Association.

Teague Egan is a senior at USC and is known for his golf cart chauffeur business, but he has now upgraded his business endeavors to be an NFL agent.

Egan has the finical backing of his father who owns Alamo Car Rental and told the LA Times he hopes to represent between four in six of his friends who play football at USC in the upcoming NFL draft. Egan said:

“Like [famed NFL agent] Drew Rosenhaus who represented every Miami kid after going to school at Miami, I intend to represent every USC kid.”

Many are questioning how Egan even got certified to become an NFL agent in the first place, since rules state you have to have at least an undergraduate degree.  But the Players Association waived the requirement because of Egan’s past business experience. Besides the golf cart chauffeur business, Egan signed up and coming singer Sam Adams and ran a party planning business with LA night clubs.

Despite Egan’s impressive accomplishments, USC has been under intense scrutiny, raising many red flags a student is now an NFL agent. This summer, the NCAA ruled that USC would lose 34 scholarships and face a 2-year bowl ban for infractions that happened under longtime Trojans coach Pete Carroll. Carroll coached at USC from 2001-2009 and won a National Championship. For the first time in history, Reggie Bush was forced to forfeit the Heisman Trophy, which he won back in 2005 because he accepted money as a student athlete.

Image via LA Times

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