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Spartans to play Trojans in Greece?

After playing an outdoor hockey game in front of 75,000 people and a basketball game on an Air Force carrier in the Pacific Ocean, Michigan State has decided to up the ante by playing a basketball game in Greece against the Spartans ancient rival Trojans.

In an interview with the Lansing State Journal, MSU athletic director Mark Hollis revealed, “We’ve been talking about Greece for a while.”

The game against the USC Trojans would be at Panathinaiko Stadium in Athens, Greece. Anthens hosted the first modern Olympic Games in 1896.

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USC student Teague Egan certified as NFL agent; raises many red flags because of past NCAA violations

The USC Trojans are trying to change a tarnished image after its football program was accused of a flurry of NCAA player violations, but that may be hard to do now that a USC student has been certified an NFL agent by the NFL Players Association.

Teague Egan is a senior at USC and is known for his golf cart chauffeur business, but he has now upgraded his business endeavors to be an NFL agent.

Egan has the finical backing of his father who owns Alamo Car Rental and told the LA Times he hopes to represent between four in six of his friends who play football at USC in the upcoming NFL draft. Egan said:

“Like [famed NFL agent] Drew Rosenhaus who represented every Miami kid after going to school at Miami, I intend to represent every USC kid.”


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Reggie Bush OFFICIALLY gives back the Heisman

Reggie Bush is a New Orleans Saint Super Bowl winner, ex-boyfriend of jersey chaser Kim Kardashian, and a Heisman Trophy winner… or at least used to be a Heisman Trophy winner.

After much speculation, the former USC player

Reggie Bush ponders how much money he can get for selling the Heisman Trophy

has given back the Heisman Trophy he won in 2005. Bush came under fire after he was investigated by the NCAA for taking gifts during the 2005 college football season. Accepting $100,000s of dollars in gifts for him and his family from sports agents, Bush was declared ineligible for the 2005 season, prompting Bush to forfeit the trophy for college football’s most valuable player. Now the Heisman committee has decided there will be no winner, after some believe the award would go to second place winner Vince Young.
“We have determined there will be no winner of the 2005 Heisman Trophy,” Bill Dockery, the president of the Heisman Trophy Trust, said in an interview with ESPN on Wednesday. “We’re five years out and it would be too late to have a re-vote. Things have changed since that time. Who would ever know where the votes would go if we removed [Bush] from the picture…You could never recreate the exact scenario to recalibrate those votes without another vote. We think its time to look forward and not back.

Agreeing with the committee, Young, who currently plays for the Tennessee Titans said, “I would not want [the award]. In 2005, Reggie Bush was the Heisman Trophy winner, so why would I want it?” Young said. While Young led the Texas Longhorns to the NCAA Championship in 2005, he has not found the same Super Bowl success as Bush.
This is the first time the Heisman Trophy has ever been given back, including after OJ Simpson was trialed for murder. Congratulations Reggie Bush… you are worse than a murder.

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Reggie Bush and Pete Carroll screw over USC

In the midst of the mega-conference expansions, USC has been slapped with harsh penalties for NCAA violations. On Thursday, the committee announced USC’s football program would forfeit 13 wins (won during the time of the violations), an Orange Bowl victory, two-year bowl ban, and 30 docked scholarships.

The controversy surrounds high profile athletes Reggie Bush and basketball star OJ Mayo. The allegations first surfaced four years ago, when sports agents and marketing reps gave airline tickets to the Bush family.

The fate of Bush’s 2005 Heisman Trophy is not decided by the NCAA but by the Heisman Trust.

Somewhere Tennessee football fans are smiling. After USC head coach Pete Carroll left the Trojans, Tennessee football coach Lane Kiffin left to take the job. Carroll is the new coach of the NFL Seattle Seahawks, while Kiffin will have to overcome recruitment hurdles because of the NCAA violations.

When asked about the sanctions Carroll said, “The agenda of the NCAA Infractions Committee took them beyond the facts. The facts don’t merit the sanctions.”

USC is hopping to appeal the penalties. In 2002, Alabama suffered similar consequences a two-year bowl ban and forfeited 21 scholarships for similar NCAA violations.

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