World Cup Regulation Hottie Recap: Day 19

Jersey to chase: Today’s hottie needs no introduction. Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo’s abs might be more famous than his soccer skills. Hot, talented, and rich, Ronaldo plays for Real Madrid after being transferred from Manchester United for $94 million! Alas, the captain of the Portuguese national team and fashion designer does not have it all, as his team was eliminated from the World Cup. After Portugal was ousted by Spain, Ronaldo was said to be visibly upset… looks like he may need some cheering up.

Recap: In the Battle Royale, Spain and Portugal fought a hard intense battle that remained scoreless until the 63 minute when Spain’s David Villa took a heel pass from Xavi Hernandez. Villa ties Slovakia’s Robert Vittek and Argentina’s Gonzalo Higuain with the most goals for the tournament (4). It was the first goal Portugal allowed in the World Cup. Spain making it into the quarterfinals makes three European teams, however that is the lowest in World Cup history. If you forgot that another game was played today, don’t worry so did we. The Paraguay Japan matchup was also very close and came down to penalty kicks. Paraguay got the edge scoring 5 penalty kicks to Japan’s 3.

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