Charges dropped against waffle throwing Maple Leafs fan

The sport of hockey is used to crazy things being thrown on the ice… hats, octopus, plastic rats, but eyebrows were raised on Dec. 20 when a Toronto Maple Leafs fan threw waffles on the ice after the Leafs lost to the defending Eastern conference champions the Philadelphia Flyers. The man in question was 25-year old John Robb who faced legal action from the Original 6 origination. Robb was charged with criminal mischief and faced 30-hours of community service and probation, but according to the Toronto Star the charges has been dropped and Robb is a free man:

“I said, let’s keep ’er going. We pay the same money. Why can’t we throw waffles because we think they’re playing bad,” he said. “People throw hats when they think they’re playing good. Why can’t we do something to show disapproval for what’s happened over the past 44 years — especially in my lifetime, 25 years of robbing us and lies?”

The Leafs have not won a Stanley Cup since 1967. Unfortently for Robb, while charges were dropped he still faces a lifetime ban from the Air Canada Centre. Looks like someone Leggoed his Ego.

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