Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly break up!

Our jersey chaser of the month Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter have broken up! The couple, who have been dating for three years, confirmed the news to People, “They care about each other and it was amicable,” says a source. “They’re still friends.”

The breakup comes just a month after the very private pair spoke about their relationship in the HBO documentary on Jeter’s 3,000th hit. In Derek Jeter 3K, Kelly joked about baseball IQ, “I didn’t know the difference between a run and a homerun.” Talk about a curveball!

While Kelly has become a regular fixture at Yankees Stadium, her schedule has kept her busy as she films the new Charlies Angels series down in Miami. Jeter’s Yankees are battling for a playoff position and are one game back from the Boston Red Sox.

While I feel for Minka… the good news is there is still a chance for the rest of us!

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