KU/ Auburn being called out for their mascots

College mascots beware! Both Kansas University and Auburn are under fire for their mascots. After the Auburn eagle crashed into a sky box at Saturday’s pregame, PETA is calling for the war eagle to be retired. 

PETA posted on it’s website, “Animals aren’t performers or party decorations, and they don’t deserve to be frightened, hurt or even killed just so we can have a momentary thrill.”

“In light of Spirit’s (name of eagle) disturbing accident, let’s hope the Tigers will be good sports and retire their animal mascots to sanctuaries, where they can live out their days in peace and safety.”

And now the Kansas Jayhawks are also coming under fire for their bird mascot. A Missouri town is deminading KU drop its Jayhawks mascot because of the Border War attack on Osceola, Missouri, — a Civil War raid by pro-Union Kansas “Jayhawkers” that destroyed the town.

The Osceola Board of Aldermen passed the resolution saying: “the celebration of this murderous gang of terrorists by an institution of ‘higher education’ in such a brazen and malicious manner.”

KU News Service Director Jill Jess responded: “A Jayhawk is a blue bird with a red head and a big yellow beak that wears boots. It would be hard to confuse it with anyone with terrorist intent, though we admit we have been terrorizing the Tigers on the basketball court for some time. Tigers have been known to kill people. Bears, too.”

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