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Victoria Secret’s Hail to the Victors Michigan State T-shirt #FAIL

Maybe Victoria Secret needs to start reading Thejerseychaser.com after their awful oops written on a Michigan State t-shirt from the  PINK collection.

While the t-shirt says “Spartans” and is green and white underneath “Spartans” the shirt reads, “Hail to the Victors”… the motto of State’s arch rival University of Michigan.

The t-shirt was taken off the website immediately after CNBC sports-business reporter Darren Rovell tweeted: “The folks @VictoriasSecret have made a horrible Michigan error.”

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KU/ Auburn being called out for their mascots

College mascots beware! Both Kansas University and Auburn are under fire for their mascots. After the Auburn eagle crashed into a sky box at Saturday’s pregame, PETA is calling for the war eagle to be retired. 

PETA posted on it’s website, “Animals aren’t performers or party decorations, and they don’t deserve to be frightened, hurt or even killed just so we can have a momentary thrill.”

“In light of Spirit’s (name of eagle) disturbing accident, let’s hope the Tigers will be good sports and retire their animal mascots to sanctuaries, where they can live out their days in peace and safety.”

And now the Kansas Jayhawks are also coming under fire for their bird mascot. A Missouri town is deminading KU drop its Jayhawks mascot because of the Border War attack on Osceola, Missouri, — a Civil War raid by pro-Union Kansas “Jayhawkers” that destroyed the town.

The Osceola Board of Aldermen passed the resolution saying: “the celebration of this murderous gang of terrorists by an institution of ‘higher education’ in such a brazen and malicious manner.”

KU News Service Director Jill Jess responded: “A Jayhawk is a blue bird with a red head and a big yellow beak that wears boots. It would be hard to confuse it with anyone with terrorist intent, though we admit we have been terrorizing the Tigers on the basketball court for some time. Tigers have been known to kill people. Bears, too.”

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NBA player to join a fraternity during lockout?

While most players are going over seas to play basketball during the NBA lockout, Minnesota Timberwolves Anthony Randolph has taken the Animal House route and wants to join a fraternity. Randolph left college early to pursue his NBA dreams after his freshmen year at LSU. While Randolph continued to take online classes for his sociology major, with an NBA season likely, he has rented an apartment for the fall in Baton Rouge within walking distance of LSU’s campus.

“The students know I’m from the NBA, but it’s more fun because I can focus on my schoolwork,” Randolph told Yahoo Sports. “I don’t have the basketball distraction. I’m a more focused student now after being in the real world for a couple of years.”

Hope he handles hazing better than Dez Bryant!

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Pocket dial results in NCAA violation

UGA had to report six NCAA violations after coaches pocket dialed or sent accidental text messages to prospective athletes. The incidents happened in five seperate sports since April. The NCAA prohbits any phone contact with students until one day after singing their letter of intent. Email however is allowed during the recruitment process. Among the reports: an assistant football coach replied to a text message he thought was from a current player, a volleyball coach emailed a UGA alumn who has a “prospective-age” daughter, and the assistant basketball mistakenly sent a text message to a recruit instead of an email on his phone.

Schools are growing more cautious over NCAA violations after Sports Illustrated ivestigated Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel. They uncovered an eight-year pattern of players selling autographs and memorbilia for money and other goods including drugs.

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