Madonna to play Super Bowl half time show

I am willing to be most NFL fans do not have “Like a Virgin” or “Material Girl on their iPods, but they will be hearing those songs at this year’s Super Bowl.

SB Nation is reporting Madonna has reached a deal with the NFL to play at this year’s Super Bowl half time show. Although Mage’s rep says there’s “nothing to confirm at this point,” the Super Bowl would coincide with the singer’s Spring 2012 album release.

Madonna has built her career on controversy, causing many NFL insiders to be suprised by the move. The FCC came down hard on the league after Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction in 2004. CBS was slapped with a record breaking $550,000 fine, and the NFL banned MTV from ever producing a Super Bowl half time show again.

While Madonna isn’t the easily identifiable sports fans such as past acts like Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty, the 53-year old singer did have a well publicized romance with New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez!

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