Oprah and Piers Morgan bet who can land Mike Vick interview host

Oprah and new CNN talk show host Piers Morgan have placed a bet on who can land an interview with Michael Vick first. The talk show hosts bet $312 dollars or $200 British pounds in Morgan’s case. A Philadelphia Eagles spokesman confirmed both shows have reached out to the organization in hopes of booking the notorious quarterback. When asked about the bet by the Philadelphia Enquirer Vick said, “I don’t even know who that guy is…If the bet was made, she’ll probably win because I know nothing about that other guy.”

Vick is having a busy off season. The Eagles were knocked out of the playoffs two weeks ago against the Green Bay Packers and is a free agent. After Vick served 18-months in jail for dog fighting, the 30-year old signed a 2-year contract with the Eagles. Despite an MVP caliber season, Vick revealed he is still $20m in debt… maybe Morgan can beat out Oprah the by paying him the $312 winnings.

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