Stanford band banned from performing at team’s Orange Bowl win

Stanford won the 2011 Orange Bowl, beating Virgina Tech 40-12, but the Stanford band was not allowed to play during the halftime show.

Bowl officials prohibited the band from performing after they announced the theme of their halftime show would be “Recent Events in the Pro Sports World in Miami.” The game was broadcast on ESPN, the network that produced LeBron James’ Decision, which probably also had something to do with the ban.

The Stanford band is notorious for its politically incorrect halftime performances. In the past, the band has formed a curcitifix during their performance they titled “The Irish, Why Must They Fight” and even involved a white van covered in bloody hand prints during a performance at the height of the OJ Simpson murder trial.
Band or no band, Stanford finished with a 12-1 record, the best in school history when they took their talents to South Beach.

*The video below is of the Stanford band’s most notorious performance, which got them banned from performing at Oregon for three years. The band mocks Oregon’s logging industry and makes a formation of the endangered spotted owl and a marijuana leaf.

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