Tennis player flies to the wrong airport before match

Women’s tennis player Bojana Jovanovski almost missed her tennis match after she flew to the wrong airport. After being eliminated in the Citi Open tournament in DC, Jovanovski tried to try her luck at the Mercury Insurance Open in Carlsbad, California. Unfortunately, no one told Javanovski’s pilot there are two Carlsbad airports, and her plane flew to the Carlsbad airport in New Mexico.

Upon her arrival, the Siberian tennis player called tournament officials looking for her ride at the empty airport. “They said they were at the airport and looking for me,” Jovanovski said. “I said I was the only person here!”

Jovanovski could not get a flight out of New Mexico until the following morning causing her to just barley make the match when she arrived 30 minutes before. Even though she end up losing, 3-6 6-4 6-1, at least Jovanovski got a few extra frequent flier miles!

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