Troy Tulowitzki letting fans vote on this season’s batting song

Colorado Rockie Troy Tulowitzki is letting fans vote his batting song. Last year, Tro Tulowitzki got fans in the partying mood when he used Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA.Tulo chose the song because so many kids come out to the ballpark and like the song. But since bong-gate Miley isn’t that so kid-friendly, and Tulowitzki is letting fans vote on his batting song.

The contest is being run by the Denver Post, and suprisingly the most suggested nominee was MC Hammer’s Too Legit To Quit.

This year’s final four songs are:  Katy Perry’s Firework, Justin Bieber’s Baby, Ke$ha’s We R Who We R and Chris Brown’s Yeah 3x. Tulowitzki narrowed the list down from 30-songs. Missing the top four… Rebecca Black’s Friday, Willow Smith’s I Whip My Hairand Justin Bieber’s Baby!

Tulo has become known for his batting song, which sure have covered a wide variety of fans’ music interest with How Low by Ludacris in 2009, Roll with Me by Montgomery Gentry and Gimme More by Britney Spears in 2008. 


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